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The Process

We worked with the Client to plan and implement a Google Ads Campaign. We started by conducting a competitor analysis and keyword analysis to determine the best campaign strategy. Working closely with the Client, using strict brand guidelines, we created 6 unique Ad Sets within a new campaign. Within each Ad Set, we created 5 unique ads and targeted up to 20 keywords.

Through careful keyword pruning, performance monitoring and competitor tracking we maintained Google Ad campaign success through 2021 into 2022.

The Results

  • 16.79% CTR (Click Through Rate) Increase since Campaign Implementation
  • 10.9% Conversion Rate Increase since Campaign Implementation

When we started working with the Client, they were spending the majority of their Google Ads budget on keywords matching or closely matching their brand name. We moved the Client away from this strategy. The Client is now ranking for a wide variety of keywords related to their brand offerings.

During the span of the Google Ads Campaign we have doubled the average monthly conversions acquired from this platform.


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Latest works

Search Engine Optimization

Website restructure, content marketing, and monthly Search Engine Optimization package.

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