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2022, 2023



Meta Gals took charge of the entire marketing campaign for RE:IMAGINE LA, a brand new music festival in Los Angeles. Within this comprehensive strategy, the focus on a giveaway contest stood out as a pivotal success story, significantly contributing to a surge in ticket sales and audience engagement.

Campaign Highlights

Leveraging Ambassadors, Influencers, and Artists: Meta Gals partnered with ambassadors, influencers, and artists to amplify the reach of the giveaway contest. Leveraging their social influence, these collaborations promoted the contest organically, generating buzz and attracting a diverse audience.

Strategic Social Media Integration: The campaign was seamlessly integrated into RE:IMAGINE LA's social media presence. Meta Gals crafted engaging graphics and shareable content, fostering excitement and encouraging widespread participation across various platforms.

Multi-Channel Engagement - SMS/Email Campaigns: An integrated SMS and email campaign revolved around the giveaway contest. Through compelling messaging and strategic timing, Meta Gals quadrupled the SMS list and doubled the email list, expanding the festival's direct communication channels with an enthusiastic audience base.

Ads Campaign Impact: The meticulous execution of ads campaigns and promoter links directly correlated with ticket sales. Meta Gals' targeted approach resulted in the sale of hundreds of tickets, directly attributed to the contest's visibility and engagement generated through promotional efforts.

Consolation Prize: To capitalize on the contest momentum and engage every participant, Meta Gals introduced a consolation prize—a flash sale. This move led to a surge in ticket sales, marking a milestone for RE:IMAGINE LA as it garnered the highest number of ticket purchases to date.


  • Quantifiable Growth: The SMS and email lists saw exponential growth, paving the way for more direct and impactful communication channels.
  • Direct Impact on Ticket Sales: Hundreds of tickets were directly attributed to the contest and associated campaigns, demonstrating the effectiveness of the integrated marketing approach.


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