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The Problem

Original Favorites (Client) produces SUPIMA® Cotton blank apparel and sells exclusively to wholesale customers. The Client worked with multiple ads agencies and also ran Instagram ads in-house for years before partnering with Meta Gals to create a more intentional ads strategy.

Original Favorites struggled to reach their desired audience on Instagram and convert ad views to sales. They also struggled to effectively track campaign success through meaningful metrics.

The Process

Audience Building

Using historical customer data, Meta Gals created several customer segments within The Client's CRM. Meta Gals then imported these lists into Facebook Ads manager and created lookalike audiences from them. Meta Gals also used Facebook interests to create custom audiences. Meta Gals later A/B tested these audiences against each other to pick a winning audience.

Copywriting and Ad Content Creation

Working closely with the Client, using strict brand guidelines, we created 6 unique Ad Sets within a new Campaign. Within each Ad Set, we created 5 unique ads and targeted up to 20 keywords.

Campaign Configuration

Meta Gals determined the most meaningful conversion actions for the Client and configured proper tracking of these actions in order to accurately report on cost per conversion and effectiveness of ads campaigns.

The Results

  • Over 400 conversion actions within first week of campaign launch
  • Average CPC (Cost/Click) decreased from $1.92/Click to $0.52/Click
  • CTR (Click Through Rate) increased from 1.16% to 4.67%

Wholesale account sign ups from ads viewers increased drastically with the campaign launch.


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Latest works

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Search Engine Optimization

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